Friday, August 14, 2009


Ma, Mamma. Mom. Mother & Amma.

She was there every time you cried.
when a baby .

She jumped with joy when u
first stood up on your tender feet.

She celebrated with happiness
on your first Birthday.

She gave u sweets
on your first day to school.

She bought you new clothes
instead of sari for herself.

She took you to the doctor
when you were sick.

She quarreled with her friend,
when you tough with her friend's kid,
to prove you innocent and gave up her friend.

She gave you her savings,
to buy you bicycle.

She cooked your favorite breakfast
on your first day to office.

She waited at the door on your first salary day,
only to seek God's Blessings.

She blessed your Love marriage
when you came home married


A man with one watch knows what time it is
A man with two Watches is never quite sure.

Don't look where you fall
but where you slipped.

Look at life through the wind- shield
not the rear-view mirror.

People may doubt what you say
But they will believe what you do.

Be nice to people on your way up
B'cos you'll need them on your way down.

Never explain, your friend do not need it,
and you enemies will not believe it.

While seeking revenge, dig two graves,
one for your self..

Time you enjoyed wasting
was not wasted.

Courage is not a lack of fear
but the ability to act while facing fear.

You've got to do your own growing
no matter how tall your father was.

The best way to predict your future
is to create it.


David Jr said...

Very nice Madushika, great work!


TJ said...

Beautiful words! take care, TJ

Lane said...

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Very impressive

Trish Johnson said...

I love the words! They come from the heart, great job!

evilsquirrel01 said...

very beautiful words


Meam Wye said...

Nice words...full of wisdom. I specially liked : "Look at life through the wind- shield
not the rear-view mirror"

Nothing Profound said...

Love the one about the guy with two watches. So true! Keep the wisdom flowing.

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

so captivating poem

I really loved it..:)


k.ø.c.h.ü said...

hey cool write up..first visit here..

chk dis ol' post of mine :)

ASWANI said...

Awesome post. wonderful lines. Keep it up :)

Gaia said...

Wish I had come across the blog sooner, perhaps I may have done things differently.

Beautiful words. Thank you

Swanton said...

Nice and meaningful post! I enjoy reading it! Keep it up!

Telecom News said...

Excellent , I have no to word to appreciate my mom

only for biz said...

hey are good......liked it.....

hope to see more......

woo hoo.......\,,,/

J Generation said...

wow~~ you writing many nice poems~ :)
keep it up~~ :D

I do write some poems,

Chirath said...

Read it one by one, very Touching. No one in this earth can be replaced by " AMMA" ...

who to hold you
And clean you and clothes you
Who feed you?
And always be with you
When you were sick
Stay up all night
Holding you tight
That's right no other
Your mother (My mother)

Who should I take good care of?
Giving all my love
Who should I think most of?

your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hear you
Before you could talk
Who used to hold you?
Before you could walk
And when you fell who picked you up
Clean your cut
No one but your mother
My mother

Who should I stay rigt close to?
Listen most to
Never say no to

Comes your mother
Who next? Your mother
Who next? Your mother
And then your father

Cause who used to hug you
And buy you new clothes
Comb your hair
And blow your nose
And when you cry
Who wiped your tears?
Knows your fears
Who really cares?
My mother

Thank you LORD
Thank you LORD
For my mother.

Ahsan said...

Poem for all mother:

Mother, mother, mother, mother,

What can I do without her

Mother, mother, mother, mother,

How can I live without her

Mother, mother, mother, mother,

I'm the only person in your heart.

You’re the only person in my heart.

Mother, mother, mother, mother

young id said...

sweet word to remenber