Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes I forget to say Hello
Sometimes I forget to ask are U Okay
Sometimes I forget to say I care
Always remember you are in my thoughts
You are special Not just sometimes

The measure of love is when
you love without measure.

In life there are very rare chances
that you'll meet the person you love and loves you in return.

So once you have it don't ever let go,
the chance might never come your way again.

It's better to lose your pride to the one you love,
than to lose the one you love because of pride.

We spend too much time looking for the right person to love or
finding fault with those we already love,
when instead we should be
perfecting the love we give.

  • One kind heart is contains everything
  • Love you that any one hurt you, but don't hurt that any one love you
  • Love those who advice you not those who praise you
  • Silent moments are Best reword in life
  • Happily indeed we Live without hate among hateful.
  • We give over today for your Tomorrow
  • Something is better than nothing
  • Choose not friend with a beautiful face, but choose a friend with beautiful heart
  • The lamp of friendship cannot burn without the oil of understanding
  • Love those who advice you not those who praise you
  • Action speaks more than the words
  • Be a friend of yourself before being a friend of others
  • Love is a warm shoulder in a cold world
  • You Could't be star in the sky But be a lamp in your home
  • Be lovingly to all the world But trust only one person
  • Nothing makes us love a person so much as praying for him
  • We can really live when we 're ready to die
  • Never laugh at anyone's dreams

It doesn't matter for how long the room has been dark,
For a day, or a week or a year or for ten thousand years.
The moment you bring in a candle,
darkness vanishes like it was never there.
Similarly, it doesn't matter for how long
we are stuck in a sense of our limitations.
The moment you decide to break free,
noting will stop you.
Create the Light of Your


When you truly care for someone,

You don't look for faults,
you don't look for answers ,
You don't look for mistakes.

Instead, you fight the mistakes,
You accept the faults,
and you overlook the excuses,

Never abandon an old friend.
You will never find one who can take his place.

friendship is like wine,
it gets better as it grows older.


Nothing Profound said...

Very sweet. Very touching. Very sincere. A warm heart.

Nothing Profound said...

Very sweet. Very touching. Very sincere

Priyantha De Silva said... of the sweet blog in the world I've ever seen..keep it up Nangi..

Christy said...

Aww :)

Jenny R said...

Great blog, so touching, will check back often. You really have a great gift!